SAP HANA in Cloud

SAP HANA in Cloud

What is SAP HANA?

By using in memory data processing brings a significant acceleration of data usage and enables customers to effectively use business data for their smart business decisions while simplifying the entire IT environment.

What opportunities does SAP HANA brings to customers?

Real-time analysis - the ability to instantly analyze large amounts of data means quick and accurate responses to sophisticated business queries and issues. These processes are also referred to as Big Data Analytics.

Real-time applications - the ability to implement completely new applications using fast data processing capabilities, such as logistics, customer behavior tracking, online business responses to customer behavior.

Real-time platform-in-memory database usable for completely new, non-SAP applications, opening new business innovation opportunities.

The main advantage of this solution is not only in the speed of data processing but above all because the rapid processing of large volumes of data can now accomplish tasks that would take an extremely long time with traditional solutions and would therefore make no sense to implement them.

Benefits of SAP HANA in Cloud

The implementation of SAP HANA on-premise is often a very lengthy process, during which it is necessary to analyze in detail and determine the right sizing, solution architecture, technology selection and their suppliers. Then go through the process of implementing the whole solution - all this can take many months to take time when you can benefit from the benefits of SAP HANA system for your business.

On the other hand, using SAP HANA in cloud, you can get the necessary infrastructure in minutes or hours.

Another huge advantage of SAP HANA in the cloud is its flexibility in adapting infrastructure to customer requirements - ie the ability to adjust the system size according to real application requirements. So, if real needs do not match the set sizing or change over time, there is no problem that cloud infrastructure can quickly adapt - both upwards (downsizing) and down (capacity reduction). For companies, this means huge savings in the cost of buying and operating such infrastructure as opposed to on-premise purchases.

In addition, Cloud4com customers can use the benefits of the Virtual Private Data Center (vPDC) provided by Cloud4com for their SAP HANA systems:

  • SLA guarantee - not only SLA availability, but also SLA performance
  • The ability to easily manage the entire vPDC environment through Virtix cloud management platform
  • 24x7x365 customer support available

How SAP HANA works in the Cloud

Cloud solution for SAP HANA allows customers to choose the infrastructure to suit their data. Unlike on-premise solutions, customers are not limited by purchasing infrastructure in predefined sizes (so-called T-shirt sizes). And over time, they can adapt their infrastructure to changed requirements. See how these benefits are already being used by other customers – references.

In addition, in the Cloud environment customers benefit from the high availability of the entire infrastructure and guaranteed SLAs - SLA availability (99.999%) and qualitative SLA parametres. This kind of guarantee provide the only Cloud4com on the market.

In case of large TeraBytes memory solutions, we can also run the system as a private Cloud on a highly available infrastructure located in our data center.

Security SAP HANA in Cloud

Cloud4com offers a high level of security for the entire environment, including the ability to encrypt stored data or encrypt entire virtual servers using Gemalto SafeNet technology. The solution allows to place a cryptographic key management system at the customer's site, and customer’s administrators has full control over its data security.

Additionally, if a customer requires server operations on dedicated systems, for example due to regulatory requirements, we can offer the entire solution in the form of a managed private cloud located in our data center.

Thanks to the integration of Intel TXT technology, Cloud4com is also able to guarantee the operation of SAP HANA infrastructure on a secure platform. Intel TXT is a set of security features that validate HW and SW components - HW platform firmware, BIOS configuration, operating system bootloaders, operating system kernel, including its libraries.

It is thus possible to effectively protect the environment from attacking server firmware and its components (such as changing the BIOS and its configuration), attacks on the operating system level including the hypervisor (for example, by changing the configuration of the environment and system libraries) as well as attacks to the unauthorized installation of SW components, which may, for example, intercept the transmitted data over network interfaces or data processed in the server's memory.

For a detailed description of Cloud4com security technologies, visit www.cloud4security.com.

Complete service with implementation and support

Cloud4com is the first service provider in the region, which offers the opportunity to leverage two trends of today - SAP HANA in-memory platform and cloud infrastructure as a service.
Based on the platform built by Cloud4com and leveraging enterprise technologies by Intel, Cisco and Hitachi, we provide our customers with the infrastructure for SAP HANA as a service, tested and certified by SAP.
We are able to offer to our customers a ready-made environment with installed SUSE Linux operating system and SAP HANA database.

Free trial:

We offer customers the opportunity of a free trial of SAP HANA in virtual private data center.

Free trial includes:
  • Design and sizing of the environment together with the customer
  • Provisioning of the infrastructure for SAP HANA
  • Assisted handover to the customer, including the Virtix user interface
  • Support with migration of data to the test environment
After the trial completion customers can:
  • Delete the entire environment without further commitment
  • Migrate data back to the customer’s own infrastructure
  • Transition into production mode with the option of optimizing the environment.


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